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Translation Work

The UK team has responsibility to support the work of Know Your Bible both in the UK and in Europe.  A particular focus of our work is translating KYB material into different languages to make the Bible accessible to women in Eastern Europe. 

KYB is now available in over 11 European languages with a further 8 in the process of being translated. In countries where there is a great need for Bible study material, KYB is very well received and used by many women.

The Process

When a contact in a country asks for KYB in their language, a request for permission to translate is submitted to our International Board. When this is granted the process is started and will go through various stages  -translating the study, checking, vetting – a pilot group in the country using the study to check for errors, flow of translation, etc. After all final checks, it can be printed. Copies are kept in UK and in the IB Library of studies.

Because translations are often in Eastern European countries, the generosity of KYB groups, individuals and churches here in UK, has enabled many of these to be printed. The UK Leadership Team also receive invitations for someone to go and present these KYB studies, to hold workshops to introduce them and train potential leaders.

Over the years visits have been made to Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Denmark,  Moldova, Romania, Netherlands and Armenia . It is so encouraging, very thrilling, and a tremendous privilege to go on such a visit. The desire to attend a KYB Seminar can be so strong that we know of many instances of women walking  long distances to ensure they could be there, including one in her seventies who walked over 7 kilometres!