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Transforming women's lives through the power of God's Word

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Transforming women's lives through the power of God's Word

Know Your Bible Study Groups

KYB study groups are normally made up of women, though men’s groups and mixed groups are very welcome to use our material.

The groups are either made up of women from one church or more often than not, they are nondenominational, involving a coming together of women from a variety of churches.

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Groups work well with numbers from 4 to 12, although some have commenced with just 3 members meeting weekly or fortnightly in either a home or a church room.  Good leadership is important and there is a free leader's guide, which contains all the answers,  provided with each study.

Each woman buys her own book so that she can do the study on her own at home prior to meeting together with her group.

We have around 160 KYB study groups around the country and it may be possible for you to join one of these existing groups, contact  the Admin office to find out more.  

Phone  07516 847997

Email    admin@knowyourbible.org.uk

However, we have found it is generally much better for those looking to join a group if they in fact start a group of their own – it’s not as daunting as it might sound! Contact admin@knowyourbible.org.uk for helpful information about starting a group or more information on groups in the areas below

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